Welcome to Netplant, Holland`s most flexible export company in plants. We have many years of horticultural know-how and experience, so we have the expertise. We export plants to the UK, Germany, Eastern Europe and Belgium, but our main market is Great Britain. 

Our experts buy at various auctions but also direct from the best growers to ensure you and your customers the finest selections of plants.

Even your most demanding customer will be satisfied.

Netplant is based at the auction Flora Holland at Honselersdijk in the western area which is known as the largest horticultural area in the world, with the greatest range of horticultural products. We serve a wide range of customers. Wholesalers, Cash and Carry, Garden Centers, Market Traders, Florists, Interior and Exterior Landscapers and many others.

Netplant trade predominantly in a mixture of garden and houseplants.
prices in the webshop are free home!

Helleborus HGC Wintergold in Terra

Rosa Hot Jewel

Muscari Early Bird Bowl

Crassula On Fire

Arr Hippeastrum

Picea Conica Decorated

Aloe Tiki Tahi Gold

Narcissus Tazetta Ziva

Narcissus Tazetta Abba

Muscari Early Bird

Fruit Wreath 45 cm

CHrysanthemum Cosmo Duo

Arr Hyacinthus Xmass

Helleborus HGC Malory 50 plus

Arr Reindeer Kalanchoe

Advent Wreath 1 foot

Narcissus Paper White

Senecio Maritima

Stephanotis Floribunda

Ilex Heckenfee Xl lollypop

Cyclamen Red

Cyclamen Red and White

House Mix

Hippeastrum Red-White On Timber xxl

Special plant offer

Helleborus Jasper 50 plus

Hellebourus Wintergold 25 plus

Viscum album

Helleborus HGC Wintergold

Ilex Altaclerensis Golden King

Arr Hyacinthus Basket

Ilex Blue Maid Ballshape Potgrown Berried

Nobilis Wreaths Large

Hippeastrum On Timber



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